pool excavations

Pool Excavation

Tonka Mini Digs dirt to create the pool of client requests through tight access but the job will be created to the satisfaction of customers. We specialise in tight access allowing us to dig holes for swimming pools other work in backyard where big machines cannot get in we have been digging holes for swimming pools for over 15 years allowing us to dig a hole’s in Sand, rock, clay and shale to mention just some of the soil conditions we can drill Pier holes ,jackhammer rock and even get the soil out of the back yard.

dirt removal

Dirt Removal

We remove dirt, all cleaning sites, scrap the excess of dirt and clean the dirt in your backyard and remove it completely. we ensure there is no left over dirt all around the backyard. Removing soil from your backyard with no access for big machines can be a hassle no longer .we can remove the soil from your rear yard or even bringing soil into your yard if you had Limited side access

rock breaking

Rock Breaking

When the hole is created, we put through hand held jack hammer in the hole to crack any rocks underneath the hole. All our excavators are able to use our hydraulic jack Hammers . Allowing us to break rock ,concrete and all them hard surfaces that’s without a jackhammer can’t be Dug.

Post Hole Drilling

We drill holes into the ground to make it easier for dirt removal and we prepare the site where big machine normally cant get it, so this will make it convenience for any smaller machine to operate. Drilling holes for retainer walls .piers . Fencing or anything if you need holes drilled for is no problem for us. Our machines can do it . Can’t get a big machine no problem call us

dirt removal


Tonka Mini makes sure all the level are horizontal when building pools, houses and backyard
so anything to place in the house or backyard such as furniture. it will be equally levelled. Tonka mini ensures any difficulties access are equally levelled

rock breaking

Site clearing and preparation

We prepare services for the site before any excavations happening or landscaping services is established to make sure the smooth of the operation

Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall

This job i was doing was in the Picton area. The clients had a a old timber retaining wall that over the years had failed. We excavated the area first, and then remove dirt dam, built a new retainer wall out of Tasman blocks, built curved stairs and laid pavers on the top landing

Garden Makeovers

Garden Makeovers

We offer garden makeovers by excavated the area as the backyard had a very big slope on the land with them build a timber retainer wall and levelled the top section of the backyard
We service areas such as Narellan, Oran Park, Picton, Spring Farm, Campbelltown and most of the south west region of Sydney

Tight Access Renovations

Tight Access Excavations

Retainer wall was built out of tasmon blocks and filed with concrete so they could put the fence on top of it. They also had very tight access it was a difficult site, we continue the wall to the front and made a garden bed out the front, then we made a paved garden edging around the tree.
After we excavated the area for the swimming pool, we then came back to lay all the travertine pavers around the pool area. We service the customers from the Campbelltown area and South West of Sydney

After that, the pool company had installed the swimming pool with them built a timber decking around the pool