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Retainer Walls Campbelltown

Tonka Mini Excavations offers professional retainer walls in Campbelltown and the surrounding area. We specialise in retainer walls especially in hard to access, tight and narrow places.

If you are looking for professional retainer wall solution in or around Campbelltown, please do not hesitate to contact Tonka Mini Excavations. We are fully qualified and family owned and operated. We also cater to builders as well as plumbers and electricians.

Our team of professional contractors are fully qualified and experienced and will provide quality workmanship each and every time, ensuring your retainer wall will stand the test of time. Our state-of-the art equipment guarantees only the best result. Tonka Mini Earthworks offers a comprehensive, high quality service from project inception to completion for all tight access excavation projects in Campbelltown. Call us now for a free quote.

Range of services we provide in Campbelltown include:

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